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As part of the 1st CompreenderSAÚDE teachers' conference, Talk Neuro to Me (Fala-me Neuro) participated in the panel "Public Health in schools" on January 20, 2023 and hosted a workshop for teachers entitled "A vision of Neurosciences in everyday life" in 4 sessions held on January 21, 2023.

20-21 January 2023

1st CompreenderSAÚDE Teachers Conference

Talk Neuro to Me (Fala-me Neuro) was invited to participate in the round table on scientific communication, within the scope of COLife Postdoc Day'22, alongside projects and personalities such as "Native Scientist", "Podcast com Razão" and Dr Maria Serrano.

During this round table we had the opportunity to debate the importance of scientific communication, particularly for academic researchers.

18 November 2022

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COLife PostDoc Day 2022
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Fala-me Neuro participated in the 2022 European Researchers' Night, at the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon.

In a night full of activities and surrounded by super interesting projects, we were in contact with the public for around 3 hours sharing Neuroscience in the most diverse ways. From explaining a 3D brain model to adults, to crafts with little ones.


We had a lot of fun sharing a lot of knowledge about Neuroscience.

September 30, 2022

European Researchers' Night 2022

As Talk Neuro to Me (Fala-me Neuro) is one of the winners of the FENS and Dana Foundation grants for International Brain Week 2022, we were invited by FENS as speakers for an interactive webinar to share useful tips on how to prepare an effective application for FENS-Dana Awareness Week 2023 and how to hold a science communication event for the public. The webinar had around 100 participants and included an interactive question and answer session with the speakers to provide practical tips to the audience.

8 November 2022

Running a Brain Awareness Week Event in 2023
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We were invited by Brain Gain, a project focused on stimulating careers in Neuroscience for higher education and secondary school students, to participate in an online debate about science communication. We had the opportunity to discuss and share ideas about the state of science communication in Portugal and about possible careers in this area with other communication projects. This first edition had around 800 entries from students across the country and was extremely stimulating!

2 March 2022

Brain Gain- Discovering Neuroscience

December 2022

Science Outreach | Talk Neuro to Me (Fala-me Neuro)

Re-Think Science

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April 2021

Episode 14 - Our brain 

In Dialogue

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