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The sections of Talk Neuro to Me (Fala-me Neuro)

Apresentação de Equipa_2.png

As nothing can be done alone, Talk Neuro to Me (Fala-me Neuro) has a team motivated to demystify Neuroscience. Come and meet the brains behind Talk Neuro to Me (Fala-me Neuro) through the “Team Presentation” section.

Team presentation


Through smallinterviews, with 2 to 3 questions, we reveal the journey and work of Portuguese brains under the heading “C+ Neuro”.

C+ Neuro

Cultura Neuro_2.png

Films, series, books, podcasts and comments are the starting point to explain the Neuroscience behind the story or to share an interesting suggestion on a subject covered in the plot.

Neuro Culture

Dentrodo Lab_2.png

The advancement of knowledge in Neuroscience depends on fundamental research work carried out in the laboratory. The section “Inside the Lab” explains some of the techniques and tools most used by researchers.

Inside the Lab

Descobrindo a Doença_3.png

The section “Discovering the Disease” explains the Neuroscience behind many of the diseases that affect humans, revealing some interesting facts about them.

Discovering the Disease

Dias Especiais_2.png

Taking advantage of some commemorative dates in Portugal and around the world, the “Special Days” section explains the Neuroscience behind irreverent topics associated with these days.

Special days

Dica da Semana_2.png

As the brain is the most powerful machine in the human body, the “Tip of the Week” section gives some tips on how to oil this machine, in order to promote well-being by taking care of our brain and mind.

Tip of the Week

Jogos Mentais_3.png

There are several “Mind Games” that help us exercise our brain. This section shows the Neuroscience behind these games.

Mind Games

Neuro Animalium_2.png

In this section we intend to demystify topics that are at the interface between Neuroscience and other areas of knowledge such as Ecology, Anthropology and Political Science. We explore the causes and impact of these convergences and explain the neuroscientific basis behind these topics.

Neuro Animalium

Neuro Clinica_3.png

With the collaboration of Portuguese clinicians from different medical areas, Neuroscience  of many phenomena of the nervous system is explained from a clinical point of view under the heading “Neuroclinics”.


Neuro Poligrafo_2.png

Often the so-called common sense leads us to believe in some “beliefs”. But are these beliefs TRUE or FALSE? The “Neuropolygraph” section aims to demystify many of these pre-conceived ideas related to Neuroscience.


Neuro Farmaco_2.png

There are many drugs or substances that interfere with the functioning of our brain, some with beneficial effects, others not so much. The heading “Neuropharmaceuticals” explains the Neuroscience inherent to these effects and the mechanisms of action of these substances.


Personalidade Neuro_2.png

The heading “Neuro Personality” highlights the brains that have greatly contributed, both in the past and in the present, to the advancement of knowledge in Neuroscience.

Neuro Personality

Neuro Mitos_2.png

Popular wisdom convinces us of various myths about the way we work or the way the world works. In this way, the heading  “Neuromyths” aims to disrupt some of these pre-conceived ideas related to Neuroscience.


Sabias Que_2.png

Based on the assumption that human beings are naturally curious, the section “Did you know that…” aims to satisfy the curiosity of Portuguese speakers about facts related to Neurosciences.

Did you know that...

Sinapse de Ultima Hora_2.png

The most recent advances in Neuroscience research are decoded under the heading “Last Minute Synapse”.

Last Minute Synapse

Sinapses à Portuguesa_2.png

Portuguese brains make discoveries that greatly contribute to the advancement of knowledge in Neuroscience, both in Portugal and anywhere in the world. The section “Synapses à Portuguesa” shows the excellent work done by Portuguese researchers.

Portuguese-style synapses

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