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On the 2nd and 3rd of December 2023, São João da Madeira hosted, at the Oliva Creative Factory, the first edition of Veggie Christmas. Around 2000 visitors were able to enjoy vegetarian and vegan food, with a Christmas theme.

From the typical Christmas market, to show cooking and lectures, the offer was vast and, of course, guaranteed success!

The Talk Neuro to Me (Fala-me Neuro) team gave a talk entitled "Effects of sugar on a vegetarian brain" where they clarified basic concepts of the brain, how appetite is regulated and the effects of a vegetarian diet and sugar on the brain.

3 December 2023

Evento veggie.png
Veggie Christmas

In partnership with LOLit (“Low literacy at play”), a European project on health literacy, we took neuroscience to the streets!

“Let's Talk Neuro in the Park” took place at Parque Verde do Mondego in Coimbra and included activities aimed at children and adults to promote literacy in neurosciences. In this Health and Longevity Square, questions about the brain and mind were answered in an interactive way, using anatomical models of the brain, material to get your hands dirty and interactive content. The event will be open to everyone and just show up for an informal conversation over the brain and let the conversation flow. There will be space for questions and lots of interactive learning about the brain and mind!


April 15, 2023


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"Let's Talk Neuro in the Park"

Talk Neuro to Me (Fala-me Neuro) promoted discussion about nutrition and the impact of sugar on the brain at Gira Terra in Porto.


At this event we had the following guests:

  • Inês Magazão (nutritionist)

  • Juliana Rocha (psychologist)

  • Regina Lima (content creator)

  • Igor Costa (psychiatrist)


April 15, 2023

“Nutrition and the impact of sugar on the brain”

Talk Neuro to Me (Fala-me Neuro) will participate in International Brain Week 2023 whose theme is

“The Digital Brain”. 


As this is a topic linked to the digital revolution and technology, this year Talk Neuro to Me (Fala-me Neuro) aims to decentralize Neuroscience communication, leaving large urban centers, and taking content related to the brain and mind to rural areas.

This year's topic being "The Digital Brain", let's talk about the brain-technology relationship in 3 schools in the country:

  • Montemor-o-Velho School Group on March 30th and 31st

  • Lousada Secondary School (Porto) on April 17th, 18th and 21st

  • Alexandre Herculano School Group (Santarém) on April 19th and 26th

13-19 March 2023

"The Digital Brain"

Cérebro digital_Fala-me Neuro_BAW2023_Prancheta 1.png
International Brain Week 2023
Evento 2_Figueira da Foz.png

Talk Neuro to Me (Fala-me Neuro) joined the inauguration of the IZZI Educational Activities Center, in Figueira da Foz, where it held a workshop for children and adults.



  • Brain myths

  • Construction of neural networks

  • Brain under a microscope

  • The brain behind optical illusion

April 30, 2022

How about we educate Neuroscience?

As part of International Brain Week 2022, Talk Neuro to Me (Fala-me Neuro) visited Basic and Secondary Education schools in 5 locations spread across Portuguese territory (Vila Nova de Famalicão, Coimbra, Lisbon and Portimão), where we addressed the topic "The Brain and the time".

In this initiative funded by FENS and Dana Foundation, we reached approximately 500 students with lectures on brain development and circadian rhythm (adapted to different ages) and many practical activities (puzzles, quizzes, crafts, souvenirs) that promoted Neuroscience education.

March 2022

Evento 1.1_BAW2022.png
International Brain Week 2022
Evento 1_Rir para não Chorar.png

At this event, held in Coimbra, we addressed the topic of Mental Health and Humor. Topics related to “Can comedy and humor help reverse some effects of stress?” or “Do mood changes influence the way we perceive the world?” were addressed in this exceptional event, which was attended by:

  • Catarina Gomes

Proteacher and investcattle in FFaculty of Medicine at the University of Coimbra

  • João Moreira

Screenwriter (creator "Bruno Aleixo")

  • Miguel Bajouco

Psychiatrist at the Hospital and University Center of Coimbra and Professor and Researcher at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra

  • Rita Leitão

Humorist/ Encouraging sociocultural

3 December 2021

Laugh so we do not cry
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