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The idea behind the “Talk Neuro to Me (Fala-me Neuro)” project emerged in October 2020 and took shape in February 2021. Feeling the need to inform the Portuguese public about the various aspects related to Neuroscience, our founder Rui Rodrigues began by bringing together a team of researchers spread from North to South of Portugal. His vision and desire to communicate Neuroscience in a simple and accessible way captivated his colleagues and, together, they began to build a communication project focused on talking about Neuroscience digitally and in person. 


The initial start was possible thanks to a partnership established with the Portuguese Society of Neurosciences (SPN), an essential ally throughout the project. With financial support from the European Federation of Neurosciences (FENS) and the Dana Foundation, the project has been expanding its portfolio and holding numerous in-person events in different parts of Portugal to share and demystify various topics related to Neuroscience.

13 February 2021

Project launch meeting

Aniversário Fala-me Neuro.png

"Did you know that we had around 80 followers in the first hour of launching the project?"

Founding members of Talk Neuro to Me (Fala-me Neuro)

The project was initially built by a team of researchers spread from North to South of Portugal, which allowed the project to have a greater scope across the entire territory of mainland Portugal.

Catarina Castro

Eva Carvalho

Marta Esteves.png

Marta Esteves

Catarina Almeida

Rui Rodrigues

Rita Belo

Isaura Martins

Natália Madeira

Carlos Matos

Rebekah Koppenol

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